About the Artist

Born and raised in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire UK, Amber has practised Art for many years, teaching herself to draw and paint while working to support herself. In 2022, Amber founded Aurae Ltd and moved to Florence, Italy, to pursue her Art, Fashion Design and Poetry.


Amber is a Barrister-at-Law, and Sir Thomas More and Hardwicke Scholar of Lincoln's Inn and previously worked in the UK Civil Service. During this time Amber spent many years working on human rights policy, diplomacy and international standards, and in particular on anti-modern slavery policy and the support for survivors of human trafficking in the UK.  These experiences, along with her observation of the treatment of the vulnerable in society in general through her work forms a clear basis for the motifs present in her recent paintings, including the upcoming exhibition 'Roses' at Galerie 3F in Montmarte, Paris between the 26th and 31st August 2022.

Her works have been described as energetic, briming with emotion and empathy, with a range of markings which have come to define her style.

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