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Sea Rose No.1 with Solace Women's Aid is part of Amber's first solo exhibition 'Rose's' launched to critical acclaim at Galerie 3F in Paris this summer. A series of nine large paintings of roses in a range of abstract shapes, these paintings explore the female experience of sexual violence and recovery. Utilising the garmets, belongings or ideas given by survivors keen to tell their stories, this approach brings an intimacy and connection between the subject matter and the narrative, so often missed in the normal dialogue on this subject. Although on first glance a comment on human rights, Amber's paintings transmute this painful narrative into something beautiful, leaving the viewer with a lasting impression of the Artist's ambition to showcase the beauty and magnificence of female strength. This painting was completed in collaboration with Solace Women's Aid and 10% of the proceeds of sale will go to the charity.


Oil on Canvas. 100cm x 80cm X 5cm.

Sea Rose (No.1) with Solace Women's Aid

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