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Nectarines is Amber's first collection of poetry written over an intensive period between January 2021 and June 2022. Expected to ship at the end of January 2023.


We lifted buckets

Buckets of nectarines

How did you make so




I loved you picking one and letting me eat



Dragon snaps

Peaches, apples, pink and red flowers and of


Buckets of nectarines


Little did you know you were a magician;

Tales were told

Tales were to be telled


But you were a fisherman

You brought the food home


You only had one pair of shoes to share

With your brother

But you were a sportsman


You were an architect

You knew all

You were good and Guinness


But you healed me – lifted as a little


In your arms

Tasting nectarines –

I was safe there

For a time


Whose story do

We tell?


For I ate nectarines


And above all

Mischievous man

You were my Grandad


You are my Grandad

Written by Amber Lavinia

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